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Shoreigh Williams 

Arizona Artist

Shoreigh Williams 

Known in Phoenix, AZ for her diverse style in various mediums, Shoreigh Williams is able to share her truth in uneasy times, with an elegantly morphed, dream like style. Using Micron and acrylic  her experimentation with the scribble texture has bled its way into her permanent style. She has previously stated "When in doubt, draw it out." Her liberal view on the aspects of self has reached a number of peers. Her influences include her mother Cassandra Hansen, her mentor Antoinette Cauley, Travis Rice, and Ivan Lopez. Her groovy new school stripes take a heavy influence from the 2002 film, "The Cat in the Hat". She is currently a Tattoo Artist at Fifth Finger Studio. 

  • Are your efforts in balance? ​

My work is a representation of my controlled unstable subconscious. Through distorted expressions it simulates my panic.

- Shoreigh Williams